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ADRA Index Rules 
1) Throttle Stops and trans brakes are allowed in 7.00 and quicker indexes.  No throttle stops or trans brakes allowed in the 8.00 index class. 
2) 6.00 and faster classes will run on a .400 tree.  All index classes 7.00 and slower will use a .500 tree.
3)1-buy back first or second round, loser vs loser, winner vs winner and odd loser
races winner.
4) Bye runs are kept until you "use it or lose it".               
   a) 1st round bye is determined by racer closest to the index without going under in qualifying.
   b) After the first round, bys are based on best reaction time from previous round.
5) Only 1 bye per racer, unless all other racers left have had a bye.
6) Left side steer vehicles and door cars only.
7) 8.00 Index Class is a non-electronic class.. You cannot have any of the following items in the vehicle...Electronic or pneumatic throttle stops,  transbrake, delay box, electric or air shifter.
8) To be eligible for ADRA points on current race day, you must be an active ADRA member by the first round of eliminations.
9) Tie breaker is determined by the racer that accumulates the most points in the final race.
10) Our points are calculated as follows: 2 points for show up, 1 point for round win & 1.5 points to win only, its not a bonus 1.5, its only 1.5 points to win.
11)To receive round points, the racer must take the beams and roll through them under power driving the car that the racer entered the race in.

How Points Are Figured

2 points for entering (purchase of tech card)
1 point for each round won
2 extra points for 1st place
1 extra point for runner up

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